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Financial Advice Process

As a licenced financial adviser, I have a defined process to maintain when giving advice to retail clients.

The following is an outline on gathering information and preparing an advice document:

  1. Identify your objectives, needs and current financial situation.
  2. Analyse this information.
  3. Develop appropriate strategies and prepare a written report called a Statement of Advice (SoA). The SoA outlines the recommended products and services which I believe are most appropriate to implement in your situation.
  4. Implementation of the advice providing you understand and agree with the recommendation

There is no shortcut in providing financial advice. To become a client, you must agree to participate in the above process by providing all relevant information otherwise my advice may not be appropriate to you.

The initial interview can take around 1.5 hours as I need to correctly comprehend your current situation, goals and objectives. My fee for the initial interview is $165.00

If you would like to start the process of establishing a personal financial plan then please complete the enquiry form under the contact tab on this website.

Managed Discretionary Account

In a world of fast moving investment markets, the ability to transact on an investment strategy is becoming more time crucial every day. The difference between one day and one week could cost investors significant amounts of money.

Finlay Rendoth & Associates provide our advisory clients access to the Shartru Investment Management, Managed Discretionary Account.

Our Managed Discretionary Account is an exclusive investment management service catering for the needs of our clients seeking a proactive investment portfolio service.

It is suited to clients who would like to be involved in defining their investment mandate, but don’t feel they have the time or skills to be intimately involved in the day to day decisions regarding the management of their investments.

If you would like more details on our Managed Discretionary Account then please complete the enquiry form under the contacts tab on this website​.

Life Trauma & Income Protection

Life insurance policies generally pay out benefits in the event of death or terminal illness of the life insured.

In today’s insurance market people can broaden the health events that trigger a payment by including Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Trauma (Cancer, Stroke etc.) benefits.

Income replacement (salary continuance) insurance is another important form of cover however when designing the policy consideration of the individual’s other accumulated benefits such as sick leave need to be included to make sure the correct policy benefits are incorporated.

Another consideration is that the ATO does allow premiums that relate to income replacement to be tax deductible to the policy owner. The downside of this tax concession is that in the event of a claim the benefit will most likely be lower as it attracts tax at the individual’s applicable margin tax rate.

Depending on the how the different insurance policies are structured opens the option for potential tax deductions, lower premiums and in some cases health reward programs.

If you require a life insurance plan that:

  • addresses your personal insurance needs,
  • makes the complexity of insurance products easier to understand and
  • incorporates premiums that are affordable for your budget

Then complete the enquiry form under the contact tab on this website.

Investment Bonds and Annuities

The Investment Bond and the Annuity are too often overlooked, yet these investment products can potentially offer:

  • simplicity,
  • lower volatility,
  • tax benefits,
  • potential to increase Age pensions
  • potential to reduce Aged care fees as well as
  • excellent estate planning tools

These unique products have been around for many years, but their application is not well understood by many people.

In achieving nearly every individual’s investment objective there is the potential to implement one or both products to do something unique that no other investment product can offer.

If you would like more details on how this could be applicable for you then complete the enquiry form under the contact tab on this website.

Superannuation & Retirement Pensions

Planning for your retirement is probably one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. As people are often unaware of the investment strategies that superannuation offers, part of the planning process is to investigate which strategies are most appropriate to you in building the most valuable asset for your long-term financial security.

Financial security is having a passive income stream that allows you to fund your lifestyle and not have to work. During our younger years we work to generate the income required however in retirement it’s what you have accumulated over time that will then provide you with income to maintain an active lifestyle of sport, family and travel.

If you would like to discuss your superannuation or retirement needs, then complete the enquiry form under the contacts tab on this website.

ASX Listed Securities

Listed Australian shares are generally considered a higher investment risk product.

Yes, buying shares without understanding the financial details of a business can be high risk. In the past people have bought shares on the strength of a business name however even larger corporations can fall dramatically in value and a recovery can take many years, if ever.

Shares like investment properties can offer two types of return, income (in the form of dividends) and capital growth (an increasing share price).

Capital growth is important if the value of an investment is to combat the effects of inflation. When buying shares, the investor should consider an investment term of 5-7 years. Short term thinking can often cause investors to lose sight of the long-term benefits and sell when markets become volatile. This can result in them missing a later rally in prices.

Incorporating quality companies when designing a portfolio can allow the investor the peace of mind to not sell during unsettling times and even increase their holding if prices fall well below estimated fair value.

If you are interested in understanding how a quality portfolio of shares in ASX top 300 companies can provide regular income and the potential for capital gains over time, then complete the enquiry form under the contacts tab on this website.

What Our Customers Say

I have known and dealt with Mark Finlay for the past 10 years. In that time Mark has always had the best interests of my investments to the forefront of his planning strategies. His advice and recommendations have seen my investments rise considerably over that time despite GFC and recent Covid-19 implications. He has tailored my investments to suit my needs and is very knowledgeable in the various products that make up my portfolio. He oversees my investments and contacts me when an opportunity or change in direction arises. His wife, Jayne, is an able and proficient assistant and together...

- Paul E

Introduced to Mark over 5 years ago. He listened, understood and came up with a plan for our financial future which made us feel comfortable. Through his strategies we now have a safe, constant and reliable income stream without compromising our Portfolio.

- David and Julie L

Mark has always given us peace of mind when providing financial guidance and we fully appreciate being involved and supported in securing our financial future.

- Louise and Brent V

My Wife and I have had Mark manage our SMSF for the past 15 Years. During this period Mark has consistently provided us with sound financial advice tailored to our investment strategy. This has resulted in good profitability each year. Mark’s client service is exceptional and we could not be more satisfied.

- Lionel and Sunipa H

I am a busy executive with limited time to devote to my personal finances. Mark Finlay has managed my finances since 2005. Mark offers a very boutique, personalized and specialised service, Marks communication skills are outstanding, responding promptly to emails or phone calls, in volatile times his manner is calming factual  and he’s always professionally informed, I cannot recommend Mark more highly.

- Kay S